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At Kent Waste Management, we want to keep our prices nice and simple so you can understand exactly what our service may cost you.

The table below lays our prices out but if you have any questions, please feel free to call our Offices on 01843 316889 / 07900 351257 or email

General Waste incl. Light Garden, Building and Household Waste

excl VAT
Loading TimeWeight (max)
2£10015 Mins0.200 Tonne
4£17020 Mins0.200 Tonne
6£21530 Mins0.500 Tonne
8£25040 Mins0.750 Tonne
10£29050 Mins1.000 Tonne
12£35060 Mins1.200 Tonne
We Do All The Loading & All Disposal Fees Are Included

Common Load Sizes

One cubic yard (91cm x 91cm x 91cm) is roughly the size of two washing machines or one white domestic fridge freezer. We have added guides to how many bin bags you could fit in them and the type of project each skip size is commonly used for.

4 yard Load (30 bin bags)

A 4 cubic yards and is perfect for small kitchen and bathroom refurbishment jobs. It holds the equivalent of 30-40 bin bags.

6 yard builders Load (50 bin bags)

A '6 yarder' is one of the most common load sizes and is great for DIY or building projects such as removing a medium sized kitchen. It holds the equivalent of 50 bin bags or up to ¾ tonne.

Commercial Waste

excl VAT
Pre-paid Binliner Service£3.00 excl VAT per bag supplied
Plaster Board£290.00 excl VAT per Tonne (min £120)
Domestic Fridge/Freezers£50.00 excl VAT
Tyres£5.00 excl VAT
We Do All The Loading & All Disposal Fees Are Included

Commercial Waste

We are not able to collect the following items as standard but we are able to supply a separate quote for these collections.

excl VAT
Paint - In any formPlease contact us so we can supply a separate quote for these collections.
Liquid - In any form
Hazardous items
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What Our Satisfied Customers Say

I have just used this service run by Peter. Message and telephone conversations were promptly dealt with. I was able to choose day and time which best suited me and I was properly invoiced for his service.

Peter is very polite and based on my first time use. I would gladly recommend his service.

Elaine, Deal

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